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Annie Lennox Performs “I Put A Spell On You”

Just love this and had to share. Annie Lennox once again gives us her all.

You won’t believe how excited I am to have her back ♥

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There’s a subtle underlying trend in Book 3’s finale that seems to get overlooked due to the fact that so many people other than Korra are responsible for the victory over the Red Lotus — almost everything that happens is at least an indirect result of Korra’s actions.

Think about Korra’s…

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Korrasami week day 4: Change

I think Korra would make an awesome flapper with her new hairstyle, so I gave Asami a matching bob and dolled them both up.

I tried to mix 1920s aesthetics with the type of clothes these two normally wear, I think they look fabulous <3

(They always look fabulous)

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TMI Thursday. My Ask box is open. Go!

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The end is near

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Who do you think would be a good voice for old Toph? My vote's for Betty White.
3dmat asked


Ha!  Tbh tho I can’t help but hear Kate Mulgrew (Flemeth in DA) or alternatively Tress MacNielle (Mom and every other old woman in Futurama and Simpsons) hahaha

Betty White is a giant NO for this. I love her, but she does not scream “Toph”, or anything but an airbender, really. I think someone with a deep voice. Mariska Hargitay doesn’t fit the age bracket, but I’d love nothing more than to hear her voice a character or two.

Also, Tress MacNeille voiced Hama :)

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So…is Korrasami canon yet?